To the uninitiated, riding an adventure bike may look as easy as sitting down, putting your feet on the pegs, and twisting the throttle. But for any of us who have ever tried to tackle an off-road trail on a (heavy) dirt bike, we know that there is so much more to the activity than that.

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that off-road motorcycle riding (a.k.a., (heavy) dirt-bike riding) is the best way to learn how to ride any kind of motorcycle, or take your riding to a higher level, and that proper rider training and practice is the best investment you can make to ensure a safe motorcycle riding future on, or off, the road.

The course you started now is based on a training curriculum that have been developed from many years of careful research and practice of all the techniques used by riders at the highest levels.

Who needs this course?

How To Ride Adventure Bikes is a step-by-step practice guide written to help riders hone their off-road skills on their own. The course starts with basic exercises for someone’s first ride and moves on to information for those who have attained expert status and can hang with the big dogs on an adventure trail. The lessons and exercises in this course are the same ones that have been taught and practiced at riding schools. The course is written with practical real-world tips and advice that will help everyone from beginners who don’t even know what “friction zone” means to experts who unfortunately know all too well what a “highside” is.

Flying down a trail at speed on your adventure bike is a freedom that very few people ever get to experience. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll find you can never get enough!

How To Ride Adventure Bikes even covers specialized techniques that are used in competitions. Even though it’s obvious that this course was not written for street touring, cruising, or sport bike riders, they can certainly learn a few things by reading it, as well as becoming prepared if they ever get the opportunity to ride an adventure bike. How To Ride Adventure Bikes was primarily written for adventure bike (travel) riders, beginners and experts – basically any performance-oriented motorcycle rider who wants to improve and take riding to the next level.

Benefits of How To Ride Adventure Bikes

This course will make you think about how you are riding now and offers specific ways you can practice and improve. For almost any motorcycle rider, completing this course will help reduce the chances of having an accident and the resulting injury or even death from riding. How To Ride Adventure Bikes contains a lot of information and fundamentals in the first four lessons that you should understand and accept before moving on, including a full lesson on body positioning alone. From there, you’ll find lessons on a variety of riding exercises that are designed to help you practice and perfect these skills on your own. Each step-by-step exercise gets more challenging and includes advanced practice challenges. After the lesson on “power slides” come valuable lessons that cover important yet rarely discussed topics such as how to ride to variety of terrain you are likely to encounter, tips to practice good conduct and ride responsibly, how to prepare your bike, and how dirt riding can help your street riding skills.

Good luck in your quest to become a better adventure bike rider.

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